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Hampstead Dentist Earns International Honor

A Pender County dentist recently received some international recognition. At just 32, Dr. Misael Otero, DDS, is also revolutionizing the field of dental implants.

“I’ve traveled across the world. I’ve traveled all across the state to learn from the best dental implant doctors, so we can then bring those philosophies here to our practice in Hampstead,” Dr. Otero said.

Last month (August 2011) Dr. Otero received the prestigious Diplomate in Implant Dentistry making him one of the youngest doctors in the world to receive the degree.

Otero has also designed an innovative type of implant bridge, which he says has already changed lives.

“You’re able to floss in between your teeth,” he said. “It’s going to outlast any other bridge style out there. We’re mimicking nature in a way that was really never done before.”

Otero says he takes pride in having such innovative techniques available to his patients.

“We have everything here,” Dr. Otero said. “We don’t need to travel anywhere else to get this type of great dental implant treatment. It can be done right here in your back yard. It’s all done right here at home.”

Dr. Otero was just one of only five dentist in the state to be awarded the diplomate.

He opened his practice in Hampstead in 2008 with his wife Lindsey. They also provide general dentistry, such as cleanings, exams and fillings.