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Kombucha & Your Oral Health

You’ve probably heard of it and most of you have tried it. But what exactly is Kombucha?

To our culture right now, it’s a “cure all” with amazing health benefits. The “good bacteria” for your gut kind-of-drink. Kombucha is black or green tea with added strains of bacteria, sugar and yeast. This drink ferments for a week or longer and begins to resemble a mushroom cloud towards the end of fermentation.

Another name for Kombucha is “mushroom tea” which is where the name comes from. This mushroom cloud known as the symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) can be used to produce another batch of Kombucha. During the week or so of fermentation, probiotic properties are reported to evolve which is why this drink has gained so much attention and momentum.

The Oral Cavity

Although it may be great for the gut, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is great for our oral cavity.  Most Kombucha has a highly acidic pH (anywhere 2.5 to 3.5) which is very similar to soft drinks. Due to it being made from fermented black or green tea, staining of the teeth is also a concern.

With these concerns voiced, we recommend that Kombucha is not to be sipped on all day and rinsing with water after can help the acidity in our mouths. Even using a straw to bypass the teeth and not brushing immediately afterwards, can help keep the acidity off of our precious pearly whites.

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