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Cavity Restoration

Cavity Restoration in Wilmington, NC

A cavity is a weak area or opening in a tooth that forms when the tooth is exposed to sugar, acidic foods, or plaque buildup for a prolonged period of time. While there may be no symptoms at all, some cavities cause an increase in tooth sensitivity or sharp, unexplained pain.

When a tooth is decayed or damaged in this way, a filling (otherwise known as a restoration) is often the best option for restoring it to a functional and aesthetic state.

How Cavity Restoration Protects Your Smile

At Otero Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Wilmington, North Carolina, we can take care of your restorations — often in a single office visit. Here’s how it works:

  1. We identify the location and extent of the decay or damage.
  2. We use a numbing agent to prevent discomfort.
  3. We remove the decayed or damaged area of the tooth while preserving as much of the natural structure as possible.
  4. We clean the affected area.
  5. We fill the cavity with a material chosen by Dr. Otero from a variety of filling options based on the type and location of the restoration.

When done correctly, dental restorations can restore the health of your teeth and preserve your smile for years to come. Contact us or schedule your appointment today.

Of course, our expertise isn’t limited to cavity restorations. We also offer many other dental services at our office in Wilmington, NC.