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Your Guide to Different Types of Dental Implants

No one wants to go through life with missing teeth. Fortunately, no one has to — with dental implants, it’s never been easier to have either a single tooth or multiple teeth permanently replaced.

Here at Otero Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry is proud to be one of the top providers of dental implants in Wilmington, NC. As you consider your implant needs, one thing we would recommend is briefly familiarizing yourself with some of the basic types of dental implants that are out there.

Different Types of Dental Implants

All-on-4 Implants

An increasingly popular option is the All-on-4® system, which allows the Dr. Otero to affix a fully fixed bridge to as few as four dental implants. Not only does this provide a comfortable and secure solution for those who have lost their natural teeth, but it also opens doors for those who lack the bone density required for traditional implants.

Snap-on Dentures

Historically, full upper dentures have required a palate section for the roof of the mouth to hold them in place. For some patients, this palate can feel uncomfortable and may even lead to some swallowing/speaking difficulties.

Snap-on dentures provide comfort and stability without the need for the palate piece. They are easily snapped onto as few as four secure dental implants.

Otero Implant Bridges

Developed right here in house, the Otero implant bridge is a comprehensive solution for those experiencing total tooth loss. It’s made with cutting-edge biomedical innovation, combined with advanced ceramic technology, providing a natural-looking option that look and feel incredibly similar to natural teeth.

Bone Grafting

For some patients, the lack of proper bone density makes dental implants impossible. Thankfully, there’s a solution for this, too: bone grafting reverses the issue and makes dental implants a possibility.

Which Type of Dental Implant Is Right for You?

There are a number of types of dental implants to choose from, and the best way to choose correctly is to meet with Dr. Otero and our staff. We happily offer no-cost consultations for those wondering what type of dental implant is right for them. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today!