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Dental Implants

We’re the Convenient, Comfortable Destination for Dental Implant Solutions Near Wilmington

Traditionally, getting dental implants would involve going back and forth to oral surgeons, dental labs, and prosthodontists. Often, patients will need to wait for days for lab results or the next appointment and sometimes need to go periods of time without teeth in place. Learn more about dental implant cost.

When you work with Dr. Otero, you work with the same dentist in the same location at each step, making for a smoother, more comfortable, more efficient process:

  1. At your consultation appointment you will meet with Dr. Otero and his team. Most patients receive a digital 3D CAT Scan to determine the best course of treatment.
  2. You will receive a fixed price that covers the entire procedure, no surprise costs.
  3. Once you decide on treatment, we will schedule your surgery day. The implant placement and tooth replacement will usually be done in one day so there is no time going without teeth!

At your follow up appointment, you’ll again meet with the same team.

You don’t have to live with missing teeth. Whether you are missing just one tooth, multiple teeth or a whole arch, Otero Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry offers a variety of dental implant options that provide a natural-looking and functional replacement.

We offer a variety of dental implant types, including: