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Root Canal Procedures

Root Canal

The Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

Once the pulp of a tooth is infected, a root canal is necessary to restore the tooth. If left untreated, a pulp infection can cause the tooth and nerve to become necrotic, leading to pain, infection, and abscess. We are thankful that modern technological innovations and anesthetics here at our office help eliminate or minimize any discomfort you might have experienced during your root canal treatment.

Wondering how a root canal works? Here are the basics:

  • Dr. Otero will examine the tooth in question and will take an x-ray or scan to determine the best course of treatment.
  • If a root canal is required, we will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area prior to starting the root canal procedure.
  • Dr. Otero will make a very tiny opening in the top of the tooth, which allows the tooth’s pulp to be removed.
  • The space the pulp once occupied will be refilled with a biocompatible material to avoid recurrent infection.
  • After a root canal, most teeth are restored with a buildup (which removes any additional decay and fills the opening) and a dental crown (which helps protect the tooth from future fracture and allows the tooth to function as it should).

Throughout the process, Dr. Otero and his team are happy to answer questions and help ease any worries you may have about your root canal.

Getting a root canal can give you immediate pain relief for an infected tooth. Contact us for more information or schedule a consultation today.