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Paul H.

I have had dental issues all my life due to medication as a child, Dental work at a Dental College and other “Experts” in the Dental Profession. Dr. Otero and the Staff at Otero Dentistry have given me my life back at 51 years of age. These folks are the real deal as far as total oral care and restoration. They don’t just make you look good but, more importantly, restore your health and give you back quality of life.

The Otero Bridge and All on 4 teeth replacement is amazing. The process was a 1 on a pain scale from 1 to 10, swelling and discomfort were non-existent. I was back to full function within 24 hours and even had a steak the next evening after the All on 4 procedure.

The Staff is so professional and I cannot say enough good things in this small space to explain my complete joy and gratefulness to Otero Dentistry. I guess the 7 1/2 hour drive from Atlanta Georgia to Wilmington N.C says it all. I’ll do anything to have total oral care from the BEST. I highly recommend Otero Family Dentistry!